Monitoring the cultural domain in Romania during the Covid-19 crisis

Effects on the Cultural Domain

Release date: April 8, 2020

The measures taken to protect the health and safety of citizens in this context have affected the whole society, destabilizing the economy, the functioning of institutions and the private sector. Thus, in the cultural field the following consequences were manifested:

  • Suspension of all activities with the public
  • Cancelling or postponing events with the public
  • The independent cultural sector remains without its main financial resources

These effects have also triggered changes in the supply of cultural products, as well as their consumption, as we will detail below.

Among other things, these measures have affected the activity of cultural institutions in Romania and not only, because firstly they have restricted the mobility of the consumer public: the movement of individuals is restricted, the formation of groups is limited to 3 individuals and the institutions that work with the public are obliged to suspend activity. We can also speculate that the wave of suspensions of employment contracts, technical unemployment and the prospect of an economic crisis in the near horizon [SOURCE] have contributed to a redefinition of the priorities of individual expenses.

Similar measures have been taken in other states both in Europe and on other continents, so that, with the evolution of the pandemic, strategies and reactions are developed all over the world that counteract not only the effects of the virus on health but also on other levels of daily life, including culture.