This section is dedicated to the analysis of the reputation of the People’s Art School and of the profile of the respondents who have heard about the People’s Art School. Furthermore, we shall present the most desirable training courses which people wish to attend, as well as the main aspects that matter when people choose to attend a training course.

Reputation of the Târgu Jiu People's Art School [Have you ever heard of the Târgu Jiu People's Art School?]

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  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • No
  • 70%
  • 30%


Top of training courses with the highest level of attractiveness (at the level of the entire sample)

As far as the courses that people would like to attend are concerned, the first in this ranking is the course that develops traditional weaving skills. The next three positions are taken by the canto courses (traditional folk music, classical music and pop music).

Traditional weaving

  • 9%

Traditional folk music canto

  • 8%

Classical music canto

  • 6%

Pop music canto

  • 5%

Violin / piano / guitar / pan flute / traditional flute / organ / accordion

  • 4%

Painting / graphics

  • 4%

Decorative art

  • 3%

Fashion design

  • 2%


  • 2%


  • 1%

Modern dance

  • 1%

Traditional folk dance

  • 1%

Vocal music

  • 1%

The most important aspects of a training course (percentages in the graph represent the "yes" answers)

Quality of services provided

  • 46%


  • 39%

Special offers and discount packages

  • 33%

Schedule of the courses

  • 28%

Rooms, spaces, comfort of spaces

  • 24%

Theme of the course

  • 22%

Payment facilities

  • 22%

Accessibility of the space / location

  • 17%

Quality of personnel (trainers/ teachers, employees, school's personnel)

  • 11%

Applicability / practical aspect of the services provided (from the viewpoint of personal development, importance for one's life/ career).

  • 7%

Profile of respondents who have heard about the People's Art School

Aged between 40 and 65



High school and higher education

Employed, full-time

Lives in urban, as well as rural areas

Mainly prefers the consumption of events in the category of performing arts

In the last 12 months has used the radio on a daily basis to listen to music or to the news

Watches TV daily to see movies, movie series or entertainment shows or news

In the last 12 months has watched TV daily to see cultural shows

Consumes music most often and music more rarely

Listens to traditional folk, ethno and Romanian pop music most often

Uses the Internet daily to navigate on social networks and to communicate with their family, less frequently for the email service.

Uses the Internet to watch shows and concerts on YouTube

Is not a consumer of movies in a movie theatre

Takes walks in parks, green spaces, gardens

Goes to the mall once every couple of weeks

Attends cafés, bars, restaurants

Has gone dancing several times in the last 12 months